Northern Territory Government

NADO hub

Northern Australia Development Office (NADO) is an office and meeting space designed as hubs to support industry, investors and the private sector interested in doing high level business in Northern Australia. They feature executive facilities for high level strategic meetings for industry, investors, private sector and government.

NADO is a hub for business and industry involved in progressing development across Northern Australia. A number of key industry associations and Australian Government agencies including the Office of Northern Australia and Major Projects Approval Agency are co-located in the offices. 

Under the leadership of the Department of the Chief Minister, NADO is leading the broader Northern Australia agenda.

Austrade(08) 7912 8802  
Australian Industry Defence Network NT (08) 8947 2033
Bureau of Meteorology0417 897 324
Chamber of Commerce NT(08) 8982 8100
Civil Contractors Federation NT(08) 8999 6221
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science(08) 8941 9250
Extractive Industry Association of the NT0488 589 300
Industry Capability Network NT (08) 8922 9422
Major Projects Approval Agency(03) 6333 0455
Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association(08) 8981 5976
Northern Territory Farmers Association (08) 8983 3233
Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network0439 853 608
Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association Inc.(08) 8947 0975
Northern Territory Seafood Council(08) 8981 5194
Office of Northern Australia0428 865 503
Strategic Defence Support (08) 8999 3873
StudyNT(08) 8999 6399