Open invitation

20 March 2017

"The Economic Summits allows you to get involved in the community and really get your voice heard." - Bridgid Stock, Director, Sweet Brew & Co, Alley Cats, Rabbit Hole

The Northern Territory Government is hosting a Territory Economic Summit series to set the direction for and communicate the Territory Government’s economic development priorities.

As part of this process, from October 2016, discussions have taken place with key stakeholders across the Territory in a series of consultative phases, with key topics covering priority and emerging economic areas including regional growth and Indigenous economic engagement.

In partnership with independent consultants, Deloitte, the final phase of the summits process will commence this week with final summits being held in both Alice Springs and Darwin. Attendees at the final summits will have the opportunity to make comment on the draft economic development framework, draft infrastructure strategy and draft infrastructure plan through industry specific breakout sessions.

To register to attend the final summits being held in Alice Springs and Darwin and to view the summit program please go to the Economic Summit website or contact our office on 1800 733 458.